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Robbery and Burglary.

Is an offence under s.8 of the Theft Act (1968); in effect it can be seen as a theft which is aggravated by the
use of threat or force.
"A person is guilty of robbery if he steals, and immediately before or at the time of…

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Robbery and Burglary.

Mens Rea for robbery.
D must possess the mens rea for theft ­ he must be dishonest and intend to permanently deprive the other
of the property. He must also intent to use force to steal.

Defined under s.9 of the Theft Act (1968) and there…

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Robbery and Burglary.

that a trespasser for the purpose of s.9(1)(b) was someone who "enters premises of another knowing
that he is entering in excess of the permission that has been given to him...or being reckless whether he
is entering in excess of permission".
If D enters through fraud it…


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