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Rhian Nicole Mason
Robbery comes under the Theft Act 1968 Section 8
It is defined as stealing using force or putting any person in fear of force, it is an indictable offence
so imprisonment for life is a possible sentence.
Actus Reus
This is has the same Actus Reus of theft the appropriation of property that belongs to another,
plus the use or threat of force immediately before or after the theft.
Robinson (1977) ­ defendant threatened the wife of a man who owed him money, he believed he
had a right to the money so no theft = no robbery
Corcoran v Anderton (1980) ­ snatched handbag but dropped it, sufficient force for a robbery and
even though they dropped the bag still a complete theft
Raphael (2008) ­ Took a car by force and then demanded money for it, therefore appropriates
owners rights by asking for money, the force used equates to robbery
Hale (1979) ­ one took the property, another tied up the victim, the force was in order to steal
therefore appropriation is a continuing act.
Lockley (1995) ­ defendant took some beer and used force on shopkeeper to escape, the act was
seen as continuing and therefore equates to robbery.
Mens Rea
This has the same Mens Rea of theft ­ to dishonestly intend to permanently deprive, plus
intention or recklessness to use force or the threat of it.


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