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Rivers, floods and
AS Geography…read more

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Key words…read more

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Precipitation ­ water deposited on the ground,
either as a liquid or a solid
Channel Flow ­ water moving downhill within
Evaporation ­ water changing from liquid to
gas and returning to the atmosphere
Evapotranspiration ­ the combined processes
of evaporation and transpiration…read more

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Infiltration ­ water soaking into the soil from the surface
Throughflow ­ water moving downhill through the soil
layers, may concentrate along the lines of roots or soil
Percolation ­ water moving down to deeper layers of soil
and rock
Throughfall ­ water from leaves falling to the floor
Stemflow ­ water running down plant stems
Groundwater Flow ­ water moving within the rocks below
Overland/Surface Flow ­ water moving on the surface when
water cannot soak into the ground
Condensation ­ where water vapour turns from gas to
liquid…read more

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Groundwater Stores ­ water held below the
water table in aquifers
Interception ­ plants may catch some of the
water of their leaves ect
Depression/Surface Storage ­ storage of water
in hollows and holes in the grounds surface to
form puddles…read more

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Drainage basins…read more

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