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Flooding in an LEDC: Can be used for an impact of a flood or used for the human and physical
causes of a flood

Location: Pakistan, areas of Punjab, Sindh and Swat Valley. July 2010
River: Indus river

Causes of the flood:
Heavy rainfall, 200mm in…

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S 5000 homes and businesses destroyed
S 50,000 homes without electricity for two days
E £25,000,000 of damage
S and E Thousands needed tempory accomodation
S Commuters were stranded on roads over night
E 1500 bowsers were deployed ( big water containers)
S and E and EN Tewskbury sewage…

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Advantages (A) and Disadvantages (D):
A, reduced major flooding from every ten years to every 100 years
A, with hydroelectric power, it is a sustainable and cheap way to generate power, enough to
supply 3% chinas demand
A, reservoir is now used more for shipping as its so deep

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An area using Soft engineering:

Location: Black Water estuary, Essex Coastline

Isostatic (crustal sinking aka the land is sinking due to tectonic shit) sea level change is causing the
southern coastline to sink. Erosion rate up to 10m/year in places.

What's been done?
Coastal realignment in the form of a…

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E house prices decrease, even million pounds properties
E insurance is up
At Bridlington the number of visitors has decreased by 30% putting economic strain

remember to elaborate all the points or you are fucked

An area of coastal flooding:

Location: Norfolk england, Netherlands

Low pressure across Denmark and…




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