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The Nazis in the
How was Hitler able to come to
power in Nazi Germany?

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The Munich Putsch
By 1923, significant support for Nazis in
Bavaria, but not much elsewhere
Ludendorff lived near Munich
Kahr ­ head of Bavarian state government
Lossow ­ military commander
Seisser ­ head of Bavarian police

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The Putsch ­ 8/9 November 1923
Hitler bursts in to Beer Hall meeting, makes
speech, forces Kahr to agree to Putsch at
gunpoint and leaves, letting K, L and S slip
away and warn police and army
Next morning, Hitler and Ludendorff and
3000 SA march to Munich army HQ…

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Results of Putsch
BUT... Hitler treated leniently; Ludendorff
found not guilty
Hitler writes Mein Kampf in prison and
rethinks tactics

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The appeal of Nazism to different
sections of the German population
Do away with TOV: make Ger great again!
Big propaganda campaign (Goebbels)
Jobs for workers `Bread and Work'
Control of Unions and end of Communists:
ideas that appeal to businessmen
Youth like uniforms, discipline and violence
Nationalism + anti-Semitism…

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The Impact of the Depression
Oct 1929 WSC ­ US bankers call in loans
to Germany
By 1932 one in three of all workers out of
Weimar seemed unable to deal with it
Desperate times call for desperate
Hitler blames Jews and Weimar ­ strong
leadership and easy…

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How Hitler took power in 1933
President Hindenburg starts to use emergency
powers after 1930
1932 Presidential elections ­ great publicity!
Hitler gets 11m to Hind's 17m
July 1932 elections ­ Nazis biggest party
Von Papen replaced by von Schleicher Nov
Furious VP gets Hind to appoint Hitler

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March 1933 Elections
One week before, Reichstag burns ­ Van
de Lubbe?
4000 Communists arrested
Basic rights suspended and lots of
intimidation at the polls!
Big victory for Nazis
Enabling Act (more next week) secures


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