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Primary amines, like ammonia can act as bases. The lone pair of electrons on the
nitrogen atom of ammonia and amine molecules is a proton (H+ ion) acceptor.

Amines react readily with acids. The lone pair on the nitrogen rapidly accepts a proton
from an acid to form a…

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The free amine can be liberated from the solution by adding NaOH solution and is then
separated from the mixture by steam distillation.

Synthesis of Azo Dyes
First an aromatic amine must be reacted with Nitrous Acid (generated in situ from
NaNO2/HCl) at less than 100C. This forms a benzene…


Bothwell K


This document has a misleading name. It is not 

Rings, Polymers and Analysis. It is just a 2 page document about Amines!

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