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Right Realism

`New approaches to crime and deviance are partly due to the reaction and short
comings of previous approaches, and partly a reflection of changing academic
and political priorities and partly as a response to changing fashions.

In the 1980's and 1990's there was an increased concern about law…

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the proportion of young men in the population has decreased yet the crime rate
has continued to rise they do not offer an explanation of this.

Culture and socialisation

Wilson and Richard Hernstein 1985 argue that the way young men are
socialised into the family, school and wider community has…

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does not simply consist of those with the lowest income at the base of the class
system, instead it consist of those with low income who behave in a certain way.
In Murrays words "when I use term underclass I am indeed focusing on a certain
type of poor person…

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Right realists are concerned with practical measures to reduce crime and
maintain social order. Some of those measures are based on rational choice

Rational choice theory

Wilson and Herrnstein 1985 argue that there is an important element of choice
when deciding whether or not to commit crime. They picture…

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Right relists see the rising crime rate as a real indicator of a real social problem
­ a problem which must be tackled with practical methods. However at least part
of the rise in crime statistics may result from changes in reporting and recording
crime. (Walklate 2003)

Economic change and…


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