Revolution in Sugery - AQA History Medicine Through Time

Hey everyone! This is a powerpoint covering the revolution in surgey during the 1800s and the 1900s. It shows how the three major problems of pain, bloodloss and infection were tackled. This is the first time I have shared something - so YAY! Hope its useful :)

Happy Revising! ;)

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The three major problems facing
surgeons were...…read more

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These problems made everyday medical care difficult
as so many patients were petrified and died from pain,
spread of infection and severe blood loss.
So even if the surgeons carried out successful
operations, their patients were most likely to die from
losing too much blood or infection after.…read more

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Miss E


Surgery is an important topic within medicine and used for some source papers. This presentation is informative, fun and easy to use to start revising on this subject. 



This is really good, it really helped me to understand aesthetics and anaesthetics, Well done!!!! :)



very good presentation but Louis Pasteur published the germ theory in 1861 not 1961



this is extremely helpful, many thanks 

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