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AS Psychology
Unit 2 Revision
The Psychodynamic Approach:
Freud…read more

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General Points
Exam lasts for 1hour 40 minutes.
Always read through your answers at the end.
Answer all multiple questions, even if you don't know
the answer (1 in 4 chance).
If you run out of time on the essay question ­ use
bullet points.
If you run out of room ask for more paper ­ the lines in
the booklet are not guidelines as to the amount you
Read the question.
Follow the time guidelines in the paper:
Section A: 15 mins (MC)
Section B: 45 mins (short answer)
Section C: 40 mins (longer answer)…read more

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Key Areas
Theory of Psychosexual Practical:
Development: Correlational design using
5 Stages of development. self report data ­
Personality. commitment to goals and
Unconscious Mind.
Defence Mechanisms. Research Methods:
Gender Development. Case studies.
Correlational design.
Studies in detail: Longitudinal studies.
Little Hans, Freud.
Cross sectional studies.
Dibs, Axline.
Sampling methods.
Key issue:
Is psychoanalysis effective
for all patients?…read more

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You will have learnt about one of the following
studies in detail from the Psychodynamic Approach:
Axline V (1964) Dibs: Personality Development in Play
Bachrach et al (1991) Effectiveness of psychoanalytic
Cramer P (1997) Identity, personality and defence
Describe one study from the list. (5)
You have only studied ONE of the above studies in
There is a difference between theories & studies!!…read more

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Psychosexual Stages of
5 stages of development.
Old Age Pensioners Like Greens
If a stage is not completed fixation occurs.
This is when the libido is locked at a particular
This causes abnormal personality development in
adult life.…read more

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Know 3 stages in detail
The ORAL stage
Birth to 18 months.
The mouth is the focus of pleasure.
Not being nursed - be envious, pessimistic & sarcastic ­ bite
The ANAL stage
18 months to 2 and half years old.
The anus is the focus of pleasure, due to the experience of toilet
Anal expulsive character ­ messy, reckless and disorganised.
Anal retentive character­ perfectionism, careful and obstinate.
The PHALLIC stage
3 to 5/6 years old.
The genitals are the focus of pleasure.
Boys experience the Oedipus complex and girls the Electra
complex. Children develop/adopt their gender behaviour from their
The LATENCY stage ­ 6 years to puberty
The GENITAL stage ­ puberty to 18 years old…read more

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