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Physics Question P3
1. What spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum is Xrays part of?
2. How long is the wavelength of Xrays?
3. What are the effects of Xrays?
4. Give 2 medical uses are there of Xrays?
5. Give another term instead of steps when Xray and CT scanners are used?
6. What are ultrasound waves?
7. What can be used to produce ultrasound waves?
8. Give me the formula for calculating the distance between the interfaces of
different media?
9. Give one use of ultrasound? (its for humans, think of babies)
10. What is refraction?
11. What do lenses do with light?
12. What is the focal length?
13. What happens to parallel rays of light when it hits converging or convex lenses?
14. What is the nature of an image determined by?
15. Give one use of a converging lens?
16. What is the nature of an image produced by?
17. What does the construction of ray diagrams show?
18. Give me the formula to find the magnification of an object?
19. Give six parts that the function of the eye is limited to?
20. What is long sight caused by? What is the effect of long sight?
21. What is short sight caused by? What is the effect of short sight?
22. What is the range of vision?
23. What is the length of the far point in terms of the range of vision?
24. What is the length of the near point in terms of the range of vision?
25. Give me the formula for the power of the lens?
26. Give two factors that determine the focal length of the lens?
27. For a given focal length the ... the refractive index, the ... the lens. This means
that the lens must be manufactured ...?
28. Give the formula for refractive index?
29. What wave of the electromagnetic spectrum can go through fiber optic cable?
30. Give 3 uses of lasers?
31. What is the centre of mass?
32. If freely the object will come to rest when the centre of mass is directly over the
point of ...?
33. Where is the centre of mass in a symmetrical object?
34. Give me the formula for the time period of a wave?
35. Give one factor that humans can change on earth that can change the time
period of a pendulum?
36. What is a moment?
37. Give me the formula for the size of a moment?
38. If an object is not turning, the total clockwise moment is ... the total
anticlockwise moment about any pivot?
39. What will happen If the line of action of the weight of an object is out of the base
of the body?

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Where will the pressure in a liquid are transmitted if you try to apply pressure on
a liquid?
41. What enables a system to be a force multiplier?
42. Give me the formula on how to calculate pressure in a hydraulic system?
43. Where does an object accelerate towards when it is moving in a circle?
44. If the speed doesn't change the direction of motion of the body what does?
45. What is the resultant force causing this acceleration towards the centre called?
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