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Earthquakes occur at plate boundaries when two plate move past each other
at a conservative plate boundary or when one plate goes underneath another
which is a destructive plate boundary. The plates move as they float on top of
the mantle and move due to convection currents in the mantle
The focus is the place where the shaking from the earthquake starts. Directly
above that is called the epicenter. This is where the shaking is at its most
powerful. Earthquakes are measured in the Richter Scale. This is a scale
which can help determine how damaging the earthquake is.

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The Japan earthquake is an example of how an MEDC country reacts to an
earthquake. In Japan many of the buildings easily withstood the initial
earthquake but the tsunami that resulted after caused a lot of damage to
buildings. Since Japan was a MEDC there were strict building codes in order
to make sure that the buildings can withstand earthquakes. However the
country was not prepared for a tsunami so many houses were not tsunami
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