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A) The exam
B) Supply-side policies
C) Conflicts between macro-objectives
D) Policy conflicts

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50% of the AS level
Choice of 1 data response question from 2
80 marks in total
I hour 30 minutes (1h52 ExT)
Work on the basis of 1 mark per minute (10 min
reading and checking)

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20 marks are for evaluation
12 of these are awarded in the essay
8 exist elsewhere in the paper ­ look for the
trigger word!
Evaluative trigger words:
Assess Examine
Discuss To what extent

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30 mark essay technique:
- Definition(s)
Evaluation Techniques:
- Diagram
- Analysis point & evaluate it (x3) Extent of change
- Conclusion (a judgement based Significance of factors
paragraph in direct response to the question ­
do not summarise) [optional but counts as (PRIORITISE)
eval] Elasticity of AS/existence
of spare…

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Supply-side policies are policies that aim to
boost the productive potential of the
economy by increasing LRAS.

The full capacity level of real output will rise.
The trend rate of growth will also increase.

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Price Level




Y1 Y2 Real Output
Actual growth: Y1 ­ Y2 YFC1 YFC2
Trend/Potential Growth: Yfc1 ­ Yfc2

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Price Level



LRAS can be increased by
improving the... AD1
PRODUCTIVITY of resources
QUANTITY of resources
Y1 Y2 Real Output


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