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The Dominance Model

~ This is a theory that in mixedsex conversations, men are more likely to interrupt than
~ It was recorded by Don Zimmerman and Candace West in 1975
~ The conclusion was that men interrupt more as they are dominating or attempting to
dominate the conversation…

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~ She argued that there is feminine language and masculine language, and gender does
make a difference
~ She thinks computermediated conversation hides their identity
~ Her views are known as the Deficit Model ­ this can be used in different situations

Patriarchy ~ Male as norm and women as…

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~ In 1990, Deborah argued that there is a contrast between male and female language

However, she was only considering gender, but not the context

Status vs Support Dominance in conversation
Independence vs Intimacy Independence and bonding
Advice vs Understanding Complaint is a challenge to men
Information vs Feelings (Brevity)…

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~ He studied Norwich speech to find out how and why people's way of speaking varied
~ He looked at the use of 'ing' words

~ His solution was that there was a link between social class and gender the lower class you
are, the higher the dialect
~ Men…

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~ She looked into female conversations
~ She found out that women are more supportive and cooperative
~ Tag questions are used appropriately by women
~ Paralinguistic features/Prosodic features express epistemic modality respect addresses
'face needs'

Deborah Cameron 2007

~ She wrote the book 'Verbal Hygiene'

The way women conduct…




It's Deborah 'Jones', not 'Holmes'. Please rectify this apocalyptic mistake - this cost me the 1 mark off the A* I needed to get into Oxford. I hate you. I could've been the next Crystal. 

Thanks for the resource though, 9/10 apart from that mistake. 

Tom Stevo


I agree

Tom Stevo


Bunch of BIGOTS



Hear, hear! 

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