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Sarah Douglas 12F


Conformity: doing what other people do because of the impact they have on you ­
because you care about what they will think of you i.e. conforming to fit in.

Types of conformity-

Internalisation: Conforming inwardly as well as an outward agreement where the view of…

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Sarah Douglas 12F

Explanations of conformity (Deutsch and Gerard)-

Informational Social Influence: where people look at the behaviour of others to get
information on how to act often leading to internalisation. E.g. Jenness gave Participant a
jar of beans and asked them the no. of beans individually then grouped participants…

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Sarah Douglas 12F

5. Learner learnt a list of paired associates and had to choose correct answers;
whenever the answer was wrong the teacher had to administer a shock which
increased with every wrong answer. (The teacher had to announce to shock level).
6. If the teacher became reluctant, the…

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Sarah Douglas 12F

Agentic state: a state in which individuals give up their own responsibility, deferring to
those of higher status.

Diffusion of responsibility: moving from autonomous to agentic state and attribute
responsibility to the person in authority, mindlessly accepting orders from them and
merely doing what they're told e.g.…


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