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Popular Music in context

Jamaican Dub
o 1970s style of reggae
o A+B ­ B is instrumental version only.
o E.g. Bob Marley
o DJs used echo, reverb, fading, recorded rap over B side.
o Offshoot of 1960s American soul music
o Riff based
o Jazz harmonies

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BEAT MATCHING ­ adjusting the speed at which a recording will be
played to match the tempo of the last track.
MIXING ­ two recordings are mixed together (blending different sound
BREAKBEAT ­ mixing between identical breaks
CUEING ­ finding a good place for a mix in.

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Panning- Is the positioning of a sound in the stereo field; this may be
used to give the impression that the sound is moving from side to side.
Compression- Used in very modern pop production. It's the process of
evening up the sound by reducing the dynamic range.


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