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Circumference of a circle
The circumference is the length of the edge around a circle.
For any circle, the circumference is:
3.14... × the diameter.
The diameter is worked out by the diameter is equal to 2 × radius, (2r), so we can also write this formula as:
C = 2r
You work out the radius by dividing the diameter by 2
C = circumference
A = area
D = diameter
R = radius
The perimeter of a semi-circle can be found by using the equation x r², which is commonly
used to calculate the area of a whole circle:
area of a semi-circle: 1/2 x x r2
area of a quarter circle: 1/4 x x r2
perimeter of a semi-circle: x r + 2 x r
perimeter of a quarter circle: 1/2 x x r + 2 x r



Some useful formulae of area, circuference and fracctions of circles.


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