Classical Civilisation: The Odyssey Revision Notes

These are the revision notes that I made for myself after several lessons of Classics. They consist of brief bullet point summaries of each of the books (5, 6, 9, 10, 12) [that I studied] as well as character lists, with summaries of the characters, and their relationship with Odysseus. 

I would suggest on learning these books thoroughly! As well as relationships between all the characters and Odysseus. 

I am sitting the exam tomorrow! So Goodluck to everyone else who is also. 

PS. I am human and I make errors, so if you find any, please do list in the comments and let me know so I can change it. I may have missed things out, also list them please so I can add to it, and feel free to edit if you guys want to add to these notes. Share if you would like, but please don't reupload, unless you have made significant changes. 

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Book Five ­ Calypso

Mortal / Immortal

Likes/Dislikes, Helps/Hinders, Impact on story

Mortality - Character List - Epithets

Odysseus ­ Can be seen as unfaithful but at that time men could sleep with many women without anyone
caring. [Wily Odysseus, The ready-witted Odysseus, Patient good Odysseus]
Athena ­ without her,…

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The Goddess Ino notices Odysseus, and gives him a veil which would protect him telling him to disrobe, leave
his raft and swim for the shore. Odysseus thinks this is a trick and refuses to leave his raft until the last
possible moment. He ends up floating for two days…

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Book 9 ­ Cyclops

Mortality - Character List ­ Epithets

Odysseus ­ [Son of Laertes]
King Alcinous
Laertes ­ Odysseus' father, King of Ithaca
Cicones ­ Faithful and loyal to come to their neighbour's side to help against the invaders.
Polyphemus ­ The Cyclops that Odysseus blinds. [The Monster]

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Book 10 - Circe

Mortality - Character List ­ Epithets

Elpenor ­ Died by falling of Circe's roof
Antiphates ­ The Laestragonian chief
Laestragonians ­ Hated humans, tried to eat them. Attacked all of Odysseus' ships bar one.
o They disliked Odysseus' crew very much, saw them as food. They…

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They landed on Aeaea, Circe's island. Odysseus caught and killed a great antlered stag Kleos?. After he and
his men ate, he sent a group of 22 with Eurylochus in command to Circes house. She was singing and weaving.
When the men ate or (BAD XENIA), they were turned into…

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Sirens ­ Odysseus should warm beeswax and block his men's ears with it so they cannot hear. Odysseus
should order his men to bind him to the mast securely while he listens to the sirens - If he wants. He DOES
follow Circes advice here <- good leader.
Wandering Rocks…



This is GREAT :D Really helpful notes

love the mnemonic at the end ;)

Elizabeth Swan


Hope you did well thank you for the notes.



this was very helpful thanks




what does the mnemonic stand for ?

Shirsendu Podder


The mnemonic is the order of the events as they occurred. 



In the bit about the cicones, Odysseus doesn't have a problem sacking their town, he tries to get his men to leave immediately after which they refuse and are thus attacked.



Thanks a lot !

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