Revision notes - changing directions in western classical music

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Changing Directions in Western Classical Music
Describing a style in which composers poured the most intense
emotional expressiveness into their music.
o Schoenberg
o Webern
o Berg
Extremely dissonant harmonies
Frenzied, disjointed melodic lines, wide leaps
Violent, explosive contrasts
Instruments often played forcefully at the extremes of their ranges
High degree of tension
Avoids cadences, repetition, balanced phrases
Little piano piece No. 6 ­ Schoenberg
Valse de Chopin from Pierrot Lunaire ­ Schoenberg
Twelve tone row ­ using all twelve notes of the chromatic scale
without repetition.
Prime Order
Retrograde inversion
Trio from minuet of the suite for piano
Phase Shifting
No sudden contrasts ­ gradual changes
Slow changing harmonies
Additive melodies
In C ­ Riley
Loops and Verses
Phillip Glass
Steve Reich
John Adams


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