Revision cards for studies of aggression

Revision cards which can be printed and stuck back to back to create revision cards. Has some but not all of the studies which can be used in relation to the various topics within aggression, colour coded.

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US - Homicide rates
Wolfgang `Culture of
theory ­ in lar
Phillips increased in week after
major boxing match
and subcultures
social nor
Ferracutti aggres
Electric shocks ­ girls were
either anonymous or Studied lyn
identifiable. Those who newspaper cu
Zimbardo were anon shocked each Mullen bigger the c
other for twice as long more violent t
Spivey and Deindividuati
Postmes Criticism of deindividuation to prosocial id
­ found no major support Prentice-D as antisocial ­
and Spears for claims prosocial crow
unn be more a
Black inmates more Overcrowd
Harer and aggressive, white more due boredom
to drink and drugs ­ aggression.
Steffenmei parallels society ­ supports McCorkle domination
important model essential to
er statu
Dehumanisation may be neurotransmit
why people are aggressive Scerbo and antisocial p
O'Brien towards immigrants consistent lo
Raine serotonin, bu
less cl

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In mice ­ when aggressive,
reward pathway lights up Meta-analysis
Couppis and in part of brain, with but positive c
dopamine as positive Archer between testo
Kennedy reinforce. Effect rather aggres
than cause
Studied youn
Criticism ­ says aggression four years ­
is often mistaken for low levels o
Mazur domination McBurnett showed aggre
and were mo
Studied 500 boys with low Replicated Ban
levels of MAOA gene.…read more

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