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A Review about teen Mom.Can you tell my what you think of it.

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Davies Adekunle 11B2
Review of teen mom
Teen mom, having discovered a new reality show. I had no idea what kind of torture I was getting
myself into. This is a one of a kind reality TV show involving 4 teenagers, Mari, Amber, Farrah and
cathyenn, as they navigate there life's through motherhood. First of all, I have to say what a great
show this is I mean come on who wouldn't want to see a bunch of immature teenagers throwing their
life away, but this is what you call a show "nowadays".
Sitting down on the sofa having a cuppa, as I tuned into the show, last night at 8pm."Where my
baby", one of the mom shouted. I couldn't help myself: chuckle a little bit.20 minutes was left, I was
determined to finish this show even if it kills me "literally". To be honest I think cathnny was the one
that used her brain, giving her baby away for adoption, knowing that she was too young to handle
the stress of being a mother. Too bad the other mothers didn't think of that. What? Do you think you
can take care of a baby? When you can't even take care of yourself. That what you expect when
watching a rubbish show on a rubbish station (MTV).
The mom on the show wanted to show how stressful life is as a teenage mom; how it ruins your
future. You can see that many of the moms had a car, house and other luxurious things. It looks to me
that they have a lot of money in their pockets. Now what does it show to young viewers that are
watching this programme? That when you have a baby you can become famous and have a lot of
money? Well, the show is there for a laugh and seeing the moms making stupid mistakes, like leaving
their baby's at home. We should give an award to the best moms for the year.
I was watching one the episode of teen mom one day, and one of the mom, Amber, was having
physical violence with the father the baby was watching. Are you doing a show for the baby? I sear
down child service should have taken the baby from the parents already? This could affect the baby's
life, permanently. There are some good things about the show like some of the moms do try their
best to go back to college and get a better job for Mari, one of the moms, did become a journalist
and wrote some book about her experience as a teenager.
Overall Teen mom is an awful show and should not been showed on TV, but that is my opinion so if
you want to watch the show watch it, but I do encourage you not to.


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