Reverend Parris Character Profile

A character profile for ReverendParris in The Crucible. Shows who he is, what they do in the play, key qoutes and what the mean and how to write about him in the exam. 

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Reverend Parris
Any actual good quotes describing him?! If so what do they even mean?!
Quotation Page.N Meaning
`I have trouble enough without I come five mile 23 John Proctor speaks for those in the parish who di
to hear him preach only hellfire and bloody Parris's negative preaching.
`...the first minister ever did demand the deed 24 Parris is seen to be unusually greedy for a minister
to his house.'
`Mr Parris, you are a brainless man!' 101 Governor Danforth has nothing but contempt for
shows no sympathy when he has been robbed by
Now I know everything about him, what I say about him in the exam?!


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