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Revelation through
A2 Philosophy…read more

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· Revelations is a term philosophers and theologians use in
reference to knowledge that has been gained through God.
· It is therefore considered by many believers to be superior to
knowledge gained through reason or empirical testing.
Knowledge, knowledge,
knowledge, knowledge,
There are two types of
knowledge...…read more

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Propositional Knowledge
· This is the type of knowledge that we would usually consider
to have a `truth value' ­ it is either true or false (or
somewhere in between)
· i.e. Quiz knowledge
· For example, knowing when your birthday is, who wrote
`Great Expectations' (it was Charles Dickens) or the French
word for `please'
"S'il vous plaît"!…read more

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· This is any other kind of knowledge.
· For example, how to whistle, how to do good impersonations
of your teacher, or how to ride a bike.…read more

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The Qur'an
· Muslims believe that the Qur'
an are the exact words of God
that were dictated to the
prophet Muhammad, who
recited it without error.
· This is propositional
revelation.…read more

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The Bible
· What kind of knowledge does the Bible contain?
· There is more controversy among Christians over whether the
Bible is the direct word of God (propositional revelation) or
whether it is a book that was just `divinely inspired' (non-
propositional revelation).
· There are three main ways the Bible may be interpreted..…read more

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