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Restless Earth
Topic 1 ­ Unit 1…read more

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I understand what causes tectonic
plates to move
· The earths core is around 5,000°C
· This heat is caused by radioactive decay
· The heat causes convection currents
· The convection currents cause the mantle to move
· The plates are on top of the mantle so move with the
convection currents…read more

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I can describe the internal structure of
the earth…read more

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I can understand the potential causes and
benefits of the planet's magnetic field
· The earth's magnetic field protects us from
the harmful particles in the solar wind.
· The solar wind id ejected from the sun at
great speeds ­ it then collides with our
magnetic field and gets destroyed
· The solar winds contain lots of energetic
charged particles that could destroy all living
things and burn everything…read more

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I can name all the main tectonic plates…read more

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I can describe the four types of plate boundaries
· Destructive margin
­ Continental + continental = fold mountains and earthquakes (also called a
collision plate boundary)
­ Oceanic + continental/ oceanic = earthquakes and volcano
· Constructive margin
· Plates moving away from each other = shield volcano…read more

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