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Responding to Changes in the Environment

All organisms respond to chnges in their environment and this section explores some of the
ways in which they do this. The human eye is studied as an example of a receptor organ.
Stimuli: Changes in external or internal environment which cause a response…

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Stimulus (sharp object) > Sensory neurone (through dorsal route in white matter) >
(synaps in grey matter) > realy neurone > (synaps) > motor neurone (in white matter)
> muscle effector (move hand)

The Eye
Know the structure of the eye. Will put image here someday.
How we see


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Auxn is a chemical growth regulating substance, which is produced at the tip of shoots when
exposed to light.
Auxin diffuses down the shoot, on the side which is shaded
o it causes cells in zone of cell elongation to grow faster
o therefore one side is long/bigger than the…


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