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The Respiratory
By Tayibah Mahmood…read more

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When Inhaling: When Exhaling:
Intercostal muscles contract, Intercostal muscles relax, the
expanding the ribcage. ribcage drops inwards and
Diaphragm contracts, pulling
down to increase the volume Diaphragm relaxes, moving
of the chest. upwards, decreasing the
volume of the chest.
Pressure inside the chest is
lowered and air is sucked in. Pressure inside the chest
increases and air is forced out.…read more

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Respiration is the release of energy from glucose to the muscles.
Aerobic respiration:
Glucose + oxygen energy + water + carbon dioxide
Anaerobic Respiration. When exercising very hard, the heart cannot get enough
oxygen to the muscles:
Glucose energy + lactic acid…read more

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Gas exchange
Gas % inhaled % exhaled
Oxygen 21 16
Carbon Dioxide 0.04 4
Nitrogen 79 79…read more

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