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easy way to see what you actually know and a good way to test yourself. thanks mrs m

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Respiration ­ Revision Questions
Find and use the revision guide as follows:Shared Area Science Biology
Mrs Muswell Respiration . There is also a copy of the syllabus here.
I suggest that you print this off and then answer the questions. An answer
document will follow soon.
1. Write the word equation for aerobic respiration
2. Write the symbol equation for aerobic respiration
3. Write the word equation for anaerobic respiration in yeast and in muscle.
4. What are the two indicators used to show up carbon dioxide?
5. Describe their colour changes
6. How would you choose which indicator to use?
7. Explain why bicarbonate indicator changes from orange to yellow when it
contains pondweed in the dark, but changes from orange to purple when
the same pondweed is exposed to light.
8. How could you use these indicators to show the RATE of respiration in a
test tube of living organisms?
9. Describe an experiment to measure the take ­ up of oxygen by a test
tube of respiring maggots. Draw the apparatus and explain how it works,
using bullet points.
10. What environmental factors will increase the rate of respiration of yeast
organisms in a test tube?
11. Explain why increasing the temperature will increase the rate of
12. Explain why boiling the yeast solution will result in a zero rate of
13. What is a bubble cap in brewing ­ draw one out and explain how it works.

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Why do we use yeast to make bread....and to make wine.
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