Resisting Pressure to Conform

studies identifying factors that affected conformity (aqa)

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to Conform
Name Factor Experiment Finding
Changed size of majority. 2 c's, conformity = 14%.
Asch Group size
3 c's, conformity = 32%.
Asch Allies P had support from one confederate. Conformity fell to 5.5%
Asch-like study. Conformity: valid social
Allen & Levine
2 supporter conditions: normal vision, support < invalid social
or wore glasses with thick lenses. support < no support.
Perrin & Asch study with engineering students. Conformity decreased.
Spencer (1980)
Found little movement towards
Hornsey et al. majority on attitudes that had moral
(2003) significance. (Psychological cost to
conforming was high.)
Argued conformist personality type:
Crutchfield lower IQ, less confidence, less
y type.
leadership ability.
Argued those who stay independent
tend to be unaware/unconcerned
Nail et al (2000)
about social norms, or actively oppose
Women conform more than men in
Becker (1986) Gender public, but not when opinions are
Women & men have different social
roles. Women are concerned with
Eagly (1987) group harmony & relationships; males
are concerned with assertiveness &


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