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media psychology

Media influences on
prosocial behaviour

rosenkoetter 7 year olds 7 year olds understood complex messages with parental mediation.

Valkenburg et al Parental mediation Only effective when parent discusses with child.

Woodard 77% and 4/10 77% of programs had one pro message. And 4/20 top programs have one.


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Lewis et al Humour Supports effectiveness of fear, but humour is better.

Morton and Campbell Familiar source Children were more excepting when explained by familiar source.

Igartua et al Highly involved Highly involved audiences in topic are more affected.

Petty and cacioppo Elaboration likelihood Central route ending with lasting attitude…

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Eytan and borras No contact No face-to-face created less fear of illegal activity.

Sheridan and grant Develop extremes The activities may become extreme to carry on getting original thrill.

Fisher and Cullen Cyberstalking 13% of students had been stalked this way.

Alexy et al Is it illegal Only 30% students…

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Karugulla Ect relapse At beginning there were high relapse rates.

Read Decline in use of ect Decline over 20 years due to side effects.

Sarita et al Ect symptoms No symptom reduction in india.

Tharyan and adams AO3 ect comparisons in Better effects with antipsychotics, but not better than antipsychotics.…

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Gottdeiner AO3 meta-analysis Psychoanalysis and cbt had same level of benefits, no difference in results for psycho with o
therapy comparisons without medication. And outpatients improved more than outpatients.


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