Research revision cards for depression

This document contains a selection of the studies which are mentioned in the 'Psychology A2: The Complete Companion' book concerning the study of depression. I put in what I thought to be the most important studies in :)

These are designed to be stuck back to back. The various shades of blue show the page which they belong to. These can still be used even if you don't use the 'Psychology A2: The Complete Companion' as extra knowledge.

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Created Beck Depression Measured te
Beck Inventory ­
self-questionnaire with 21 Keller et al
reliability of d
questions, gives score of months with 5
level of depression, helps to was `fair to goo
identify between different reliability, but
types of depression test-retest
Compared 681 outpatients Studied test-ret
with various types of
McCulloug depression ­ found overlap in Beck et al of BDI. Used re
26 outpatients
symptoms, making it hard to ­ found .93 c
h et al differentiate between
different types
making test-ret
Gave depresse
Studied 177 pairs of twins, low in tryptoph
one with depression, one majority of
McGuffin without. Concordance rate
was 46% for identical twins
Delgado et depressive s
returned, whic
et al and 20% for fraternal,
suggesting link between
al when diet re
normal. Sug
genetics and depression. between sero
Co morbidity ­ found higher Studied 96 pa
rate of mental disorders major depres
Kendler et when looking at twins for treated with SN
depression AND anxiety Kraft et al much more po
al instead of just depression.
Suggests genes responsible
than placebo ­
between neuro
for many disorders and depr
For Freud's `melancholia' Found that d
theory, they found that only patients who
Paykel and around 10% of cases of negative autom
depression come from loss Bates et al statements be
Cooper and/or mourning. depressed. Ho
not mean th
caused th
College students exposed to Hopelessnes
unpleasant experiences out participants
Hiroto and of their control were more
likely to fail on cognitive
Kwon and weekly, those
negative attrib
Seligman tasks, supporting the learned
helplessness theory.
Laurenceau showed more
symptoms wh

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Depressed ind
Life events and depression ­ to report havin
Brown and they say that the sample is
only of British women, who Billings et social network
and are theref
may react differently to for to handle ne
Harris example African men. al events. Howev
social a ca
Reviewed clinical trials of Antidepressan
SSRIs ­ found that only in be less useful f
the most severe cases of children than
depression SSRIs were Hammen adults ­ this m
Kirsch et al effective.…read more


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