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Methods…read more

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Psychologists can use a range of research
methods e.g.
Memory can be examined using lab
Children's behaviour can be observed.
Peoples' attitudes and behaviour via self
reports such as questionnaires and
interviews.…read more

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Pilot Study
A small scale study carried out before the full
investigation to check the method, identify
extraneous variables and highlight any problems
with the design.
This allows the researcher to modify the design
and sort out any problems before the data is
gathered.…read more

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Quantitative and Qualitative
Quantitative research involves
measuring behaviour in a numerical way.
Data refers to quantities, amounts or
Qualitative research usually focuses on
a participant's thoughts, feelings and
experiences. It has more quality and
detail.…read more

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Quantitative Qualitative
Lab Experiments
Field experiments
Self reports e.
Correlations g. open
Self reports e.g. questions,
questionnaires/ unstructured
structured interview interview
if use closed questions
Structured Observations
observations Case studies…read more

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Strengths Limitations
Results are easy to Less meaningful.
analyse & turned into Low in ecological
statistics. validity.
Can be replicated.
More objective.…read more

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