Research methods of moral development

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I created this because when I was doing a mock (January 2013), there was a question focused solely on Eisenberg and Damon's research methods. I did well on it but I noticed that I should probably focus on that if it came up again.

So here is my response.

Involves all of the researchers in moral development. 

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Research methods in moral development
This was used by Piaget only.
MORAL COMPARISON-this is where a child has to compare two stories, one with the larger consequence and the
other with bad intentions. Piaget reads the stories to the children and asks `who was the naughtiest and…

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The moral dilemma tends to focus justice. Gilligan would argue males are justice orientated which ignores
females as they are care orientated.
They are subjective and down to interpretation but this was addressed using inter-rater reliability.
Lacks predictive validity.
2.1.2 Damon
Damon investigated distributive justice. Paintings
A class of…

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Freud used the case study method.

Little Hans was a boy who was afraid of horses, Freud interpreted this as he had fear of his father and this was
because he feared castration. It is the supporting evidence of the superego which emerges in…


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