Research Methods - AQA (A) Psychology

I've basically tried to include everything off the spec and condense each topic down to a page. Hope this is useful :) 

• Experimental method, including laboratory, field and natural experiments

• Studies using a correlational analysis

• Observational techniques

• Self-report techniques including questionnaire and interview

• Case studies

investigation design:

• Aims

• Hypotheses, including directional and non-directional

• Experimental design (independent groups, repeated measures and matched


• Design of naturalistic observations, including the development and use of

behavioural categories

• Design of questionnaires and interviews

• Operationalisation of variables, including independent and dependent variables

• Pilot studies

• Control of extraneous variables

• Reliability and validity

• Awareness of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Code of Ethics

• Ethical issues and ways in which psychologists deal with them

• Selection of participants and sampling techniques, including random,

opportunity and volunteer sampling

• Demand characteristics and investigator effects

Data analysis and presentation

• Presentation and interpretation of quantitative data including graphs,

scattergrams and tables

• Analysis and interpretation of quantitative data. Measures of central tendency

including median, mean, mode. Measures of dispersion including ranges and

standard deviation

• Analysis and interpretation of correlational data. Positive and negative

correlations and the interpretation of correlation coefficients

• Presentation of qualitative data

• Processes involved in content analysis

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