Research Methods 2 - Advantages and Disadvantages

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Fill in the gaps ­ Advantages and Disadvantages of Research Methods
Questionnaires: An _______________ of questionnaires is that lots of ______ can be collected ___________. This is
why they are used by large _____________. Questionnaires are ___________ because the participants are ________
of what they are doing. _______ questions mean that people can __________ their answers, whereas _________
questions are easy to ___________ data. A _________________ is that there is no way of checking that the answers
are ______, so the results could be misleading. For example, a mood questionnaire may not be a true _____________
of the participant's mood if they are having a bad day.
companies, explain, true, open, advantage, ethical, reflection, quickly, disadvantage, closed, data, collate,
Interviews: Interviews are good because they produce ______________ about people's ____________ and feelings
that can't be found in ________________. However, the researcher may not be sure if the participant is being
____________ because the participant may give __________________________ answers, which is known as the
________________ effect.
Unstructured Interviews Structured Interviews
Advantages Detailed and have Data is easy to
____________________. ______________ and
Disadvantages Data is _______________ to Lacks _____________.
collate and analyse. Can be _____________ as
the interviewer may want
to ______ questions, and
the participant can't
_________ their answer.
Hawthorne, ecological validity, frustrating, information, difficult, truthful, analyse, observations, explain,
ask, socially desirable, thoughts, detail
Observations: Observations are good because they have _______ ecological validity. It is better than using a
___________________ because you find out what people really do, and it's less likely that you'll collect
_________________ data. Observations also record real behaviours that are ______ actions that are
________________ produced by people. _____________ studies, for example, aren't as useful because recalling lists
isn't a behaviour that is often produced. A ___________________ of observations is that researchers can't find out
________ a behaviour occurred. Also, if _____________________________________________ aren't used, the
researcher could easily make a mistake. If people become _____________ that they're being observed, they may
________ their behaviour, which would make the results inaccurate. Finally, participants often can't give
______________________________, otherwise the aim of the study would be difficult to fulfil, and observations are
difficult to conduct and are ____________________________.
Memory, misleading, questionnaire, full, informed consent, categories of behaviour, high, disadvantage,
aware, time-consuming, why, change, regularly
Case studies: Case studies provide more _____________ than questionnaires as the researcher can ask questions.
They also show ____________ in behaviour over ________. Case studies can also be used to _____________ other
psychologists' theories. However, data can be subjective and ________ as it relies on the psychologist making
__________________ on what the participant can _______________ - these memories can be ________________.
Also, the information can't be ___________________________ to anyone else as it's unique. Finally, there are ethical
issues, for example, _____________________________________, as the participant may suffer from psychological
problems and therefore be ____________________.

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