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Research Methods…read more

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Experimental Designs
Repeated Measures- 2 different controls same
Advantage: No participant variables
Disadvantage: Order effects- two materials
Independent Groups
Advantage: No order effects- one material
Disadvantage: Participant variables
Matched Pairs
Advantage: No order effects, no participant
Disadvantage: Very time consuming finding…read more

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Sampling Methods
Systematic- Every nth, e.g 10th on the register
Disadvantage- Not likely to rep pop
Advantage: Unbiased
Stratified- Target pop-sub group- take a sample.
School-years-take students
Advantage: Represent Population
Disadvantages: Very time consuming
Random- Anyone available. Take a group of 12
Advantages: Unbiased represent the population
Disadvantages: time consuming
Advantages: Quick and easy
Disadvantage: Biased and not likely to represent
population…read more

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A hypothesis is a testable statement which
includes the IV and DV.
Independent Variable: variable which changes
Dependant variable: variable that is measured
Control: variable that stays the same…read more

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Standardised Procedures
Set order where everything must be kept the
Same environment
Same time
Same conditions…read more

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There are 8 ethics which you must consider
Consent- Not given full debrief needed
Briefing- not given full debrief
Use of Children- consent from parents
Protection- not placed under stress or harm
Deception- full debrief needed
Withdraw- have right to withdraw
Confidentiality-permission needed to publish
Observational research- only in places that can
be observed e.g not the bathroom…read more

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