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t ho d s
r ch me y are
sea f th e
see i logists
Re d t o
a re teste e, psycho ods.
t h e o ries v a r iabl o f m eth
o lo g ical io u r is so e variety bee
s y c h e h a v w i d m o
r u e . As b d to use a
t nee…read more

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What is an aim of the
"it is the overall specification of the
intention or purpose of a programme
of study''…read more

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p i l o t
v a l u e of Pilot studies
at is the
W h
ie s ?
stud c a rr i e d
s t u d y
s c a l e c h e c k
s m a ll n e t o o
i s a a i n o il l a l s
his m w
ut before t design etc so
T h e . i t
o u r e s , l e m s r e
c e d r o b b e f o
pro ht a n y p
m a d e
h l i g a n b e
hig e n t s c t'
s t m e n
adju l experim
e r e a
th…read more

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One / Two
a l / o nal
D i r ection
p o th esis n
e ct i
Dir thesis
A Hy A N o ypo
Tailed Tai l e d H
l l be a
re w i
ic t s a a t e s the
d t
Pre icular
part ction e.g.
diffe r e n c e'
dire er'
p ot h esis
l Hy
A Nul
e r e will
s t h a t th
e n o e f f e ct /
r e i s its
e , i f the
chang nce'
by ch…read more

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Random sampling
This is a sample in
which every member
of the target
population has a
chance of being
ampl selected.
Opportunity Sampling
s of s
Systematic Sampling This involves using who
ever is available and
This is a modified version of willing to take part. BUT
random sampling that may this is not a representative
involve selecting every 10th sample and is usually bias,
person from a phone book or i.e. all one gender, friend's
selecting every 5th house in a / colleagues of the
street. BUT there may be researcher.
participants that refuse to take
part…read more

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Psychologists use this method most often.
The independent variable is manipulated by the experimenter in order to
determine the effect it has on the dependent variable. The dependent
variable is the aspect that will be measured.
1)The experimenter acts on the IV
2)The IV leads to a change in the DV
3)Changes in the DV are measured.
Disadvantages It is artificial
Can be easily replicated
It is difficult to control all
Supports theories / confounding variables
provides evidence
Investigator effects and demand
A cause and effect characteristics are involved
relationship can be
There are ethical issues
It is an original source of
The Experimental Method…read more

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