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Skaiste Bautronyte (:…read more

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Runs in carefully controlled conditions where
all the variables are controlled (including the
IV). An artificial setting.
Advantages `# Disadvantages `#
o Easy to replicate in the o Lacks ecological validity-
future due to the controls does not measure real life
of variables behaviour.
o May have demand
o High reliability
characteristics- the
participants may know what
is going on and behave
accordingly.…read more

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The researcher manipulates the IV but in the
participants natural environment.
Advantages `# Disadvantages `#
o high ecological validity- o Less control of
takes place in an natural extraneous variables as it
environment so can be is natural
applied to real life. o Time consuming
o Low demand
characteristics…read more

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A naturally occurring experiment, without any
manipulations from the researcher.
Advantages `# Disadvantages `#
o High levels of ecological o Impossible to replicate
validity- behaviour is due to it happening
natural. naturally.
o Few demand o No control of extraneous
participant not aware
they are being observed.…read more

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Looking at the relationship between two variables ,
and the strength of the correlation, it does not give
cause and effect only assumptions
Positive `# Negative `#
o There is a positive o When one variable
correlation between two increases it leads to a
variables- as one decrease in the other
increases so does the variable.
other…read more

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