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Case Able to get detailed Difficult to generalise
Study/Interview information as each case is unique
Time consuming
Confidentiality issues
Questionnaire Easy to get a large Unclear questions
survey amount of data People may be dishonest
Covert observation Participants would Unethical as people do
behave naturally not know they are being
Overt observation Ethical as people are Participants may act
aware they are being differently due to
watched knowing their being
Correlational Easy to compare Cannot assume cause or
investigations variables effects
Data may be outdated
and unreliable
Lab experiments Easy to repeat so you May not happen
can check your results naturally so results may
Able to control the not be authentic
effects of confounding People know they're
variables being watched so may
act differently (demand
Field experiments Participants may not Difficult to repeat
know they're being There may be other
watched so they variables affecting the
behave naturally DV rather than just the
Unethical if people do
not know they are being
Natural Can investigate IV that Cannot control variables
experiments may be unethical to Time consuming
manipulate Limited subject sample
Participants may not
know they're being
watched so they
behave naturally
Victoria Whittome


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