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The Research Process

Choosing a topic
Values of the researcher Researchers are likely to study something they consider to be
important. And what they see as important is influenced by their values. Eg. A feminist
sociologist who believes in gender equality may study the position at work and in the…

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behaviour and the behaviour of others they define situations in certain ways and act
accordingly. To understand their behaviour, it is essential to discover and interpret the
meanings and definitions which guide their actions.
Sociologists who support this view tend to favour particular research methods. Eg. Many

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Ethical considerations can have an important influence on the research process.
Ethics are moral principles ­ beliefs about what is right and wrong. In terms of research,
ethics are the moral principles which guide research. Sociological associations in many
countries have a set of ethical guidelines for conducting research. Sociology…

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recognised, management may well clamp down on such practices after publication of his
Ethics and the research process as noted earlier, all researchers have values which define
what is right and wrong. To some extent, these ethical values will affect every stage of the
research process. If, for example,…


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