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Research into Conformity
Types of conformity:
1. What is compliance? Compliance is when someone conforms to the group, but there is no
change in personal beliefs.
2. What is identification? Identification is conforming both in public and in private because we
wish to identify with the group, but the conformity…

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3. How do findings provide evidence for normative and informational social influence? It
provides evidence for informational social influence because the participants want to be
seen as right; which is shown through them giving the wrong answers or the same answer as
everyone else. It also provides evidence for normative…

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1. What was the procedure? Participants were asked to guess how far a light had moved in a
room that was totally dark. First they had to guess alone, then tell each other, then guess
2. What were the findings? Their 2nd guesses shifted closer to the norm even…

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Wood et al (1994)
1. What was Wood's research in to minority influence? Wood et al. looked at a
meta-analysis of 97 studies of minority influence.
2. What were the findings? They found that minorities who were perceived as being
extremely consistent in their positions were particularly influential. These researchers…


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