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People in
the law…read more

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Juries selection
· 18-70
· Electoral register
· Lived in UK 5 years since 13
· Selected from electoral register by Central
Summoning Bureau ­ legal obligation
· Ballot to decide which case
· Challenged
· Sworn in and take oath…read more

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Jury Discharge/deferral
· Deferral up to six months e.g. exam/pre-
booked holiday
· Not physically able to sit
· Command of English not sufficient
· Long-term disability
· Members of armed force if would prejudice
service…read more

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Magistrates selection
· 18-70
· Balanced bench representation
· Certain professionals ineligible ­ police service
· No criminal convictions or bankrupts
· Good character
· Understanding and communication
· Social awareness
· Maturity and sound temperament
· Sound judgement
· Commitment and reliability
Second interview then Lord Chief Justice recommends for appointment by
Lord Chancellor…read more

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Solicitor training
· Law degree, other degree and Common
Professional exam/ Graduate Diploma in Law,
ILEX fellow
· Solicitors Regulation Authority
· One year Legal Practice course
· Two year training contract completing
Professional Skills Course
· Roll of Solicitors…read more

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Barrister training
· Law degree (2:2 or above), other degree and
Common Professional exam/ Graduate Diploma in
Law, exceptional accepted by Bar Council
· Inn of Court
· One year Professional Training Course then Called to
the Bar
· One year pupillage ­ second half take own cases
· Fully qualified…read more

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