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Positives (AID/AIH) Negatives (AID/AIH)
Overcomes problems of childlessness Can cause stress in marriage
Most loving outcome Masturbationmeans aren't justified by
ends ­ (adultery)
Can work well like adoption or People playing God
Designer babies…read more

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Defies nature and natural law
Embryo Research
Good Bad
Increase scientific knowledge on First step to cloning as you could
fertility (Kant `means to an end,' create a fostered embryo
therefore wrong)
Improvements on fertility treatment (Religious) meddling in matters that
and maybe prevent miscarriage belong to God
Prevent congenital disorders and
chronological abnormalities
therefore preventing abnormalities
Used for tissue replacement in
Eventually eliminate inherited
diseases so are people with
diseases `worthless' than those
who don't have them?
Warnock Report
Sale and purchase of…read more

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Surrogacy (look at ownership, identity and autonomy)
A woman carries a foetus and bears a child on behalf of another person and
aggress to surrender the child to this person at birth o shortly after
The egg may come from a surrogate, female partner or an anonymous source
The sperm may come from a male partner or an anonymous source
Fertilization can occur via sexual intercourse, artificial insemination or invitro
Surrogacy Act 1985= an offence to arrange or agree to take part in surrogacy…read more

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Critical Analysis for Reproductive Technology
`Infertility affects 1 in 10 couples' (Educational Trust)
`To refuse to help to those who might be helped, is contrary to both religion
and humanity' (Baroness Warnock)
`Sexual intercourse is nolonger a prerequisite to reproduction' (Lee M.…read more

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From the earliest time, children were regarded as a blessing and gift from
God' (Psalm 127 therefore man shouldn't interfere)
`It was you who created my in most self, and put me together in my mothers
womb for all these mysteries I thank you.…read more


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