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Colonisation of the land by Angiosperms
Organism Confined to..
Algae Aquatic environment
Mosses/ferns Damp areas as males gametes
need film of water
Conifers/flowering plants The land becoming
independent of water
Flowering plants 300,000
Well suited to life on land species of
as they have efficient flowering
xylem, carrying water and plants, most
to support. terrestrial
Pollen grains with hard plants
coat to avoid desiccation,
containing male gamete
which is transferred to Male gametes travel through
female part of plant. Male tissue of female part to egg via
gamete is dispersed by pollen tube. Sexual
wind (grasses) or insects. reproduction no longer
(colourful flowers) depends on gametes travelling
through film of water.
Why are flowering plants so successful?
1. Matter of weeks for seed to flower
2. Seed has food store for when leaves
haven't grown above ground to
3. Humus produced, which recycles
nutrients from decayed leaves due to
leaves falling off.…read more


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