Revision notes on how representative is parliament for Edexcel AS Government and Politics.

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*Eac h eligible vot er has the cho ice of
cons tituency repre se ntatives in fair
and free elections .
*The re is usually a good range o f
poli tical parties fr om which to choose.
*Par liament broadl y reflects the
nati on, without be in g a microcos m of
*Par liament is usu al ly responsiv e to
publ ic opinion, pe rh aps overly
resp onsive, ensure d by the fact that
indi vidual MP's an d parties can be
remo ved in subsequ en t elections
*MP' s are represen ta tives in tha t they
thin k for themselv es and exercis e
judg ement (rather th an acting as
dele gates, who con ve y the views of
thei r voters) with in the constra ints of
part y discipline.
In the Commons, certai n groups are not
properly represented:
Wome n accou nt for less than 1/6 of
Ethn ic grou ps, younger and the less
well educate d have a similar problem.
This may be due to party selection
proce dures t han any fault innate to
Parli ament.

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First Past the Post me ans that
political parties are no t
represented proportionat ely. The
Lib Dems are hit hard in this
respect. The workings of this
system prevent some part ies from
being represented @all.
The party system can prevent MP's
from thinking for themselves.
The House of Lord s has been
criticised because I is an
unelected chamber. Until recently
the bulk of peers w ere hereditary
and therefore repre sentative if a
very few.…read more


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