Renewable Energy Advanatages& Disadvantages

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Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable energy sources will not run because the are continually being
replaced. Most renewable energy sources are caused by the sun or the moon.
Source Advantages Disadvantages
Wind Turbines No fuel and little Landbased turbines
maintenance give visual and noise
No polluting gases pollution
produced High initial building
Can be built offshore costs
Variation in wind
affects output
Tidal and No fuel required Visual pollution and a
Waves No polluting gases hazard to shipping
Barrage water can be Can destroy/alter
released when demand wildlife habitats
is high Very high costs of
Hydroelectric Fast start up time Involves damming
No polluting gases upland valleys
Water can be pumped Destruction of wildlife
back to the reservoir habitats
when demand is low Need adequate rainfall
High initial costs
Solar Cells Uses light from the sun Depends on light
Useful in remote intensity
locations Use of high cost
No gases semiconductor
Small scale production materials
possible Efficiency is poor
Visual pollution
Biofuels Flexible product Some preprocessing
Cost effective of the material is
Little impact on the required
environment Limited resources due
to land area
Geothermal No pollutants Restricted to only
Uses naturally occurring certain volcanic areas
hot water and steam Subsidence risk.
Low startup costs


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