Renewable and Non renewable energy advantages disadvantages

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Info Issues
The fossil fuel coal is formed when - sub-surface mines are dangerous for
peat is altered physically and miners as tunnels can collapse and
chemically. This process is known as built-up gas can explode; they also
"coalification" and can take as long as create subsidence(ground level lowers
400 million years to complete. when the coal is removed)
- surface mining causes erosion & water
pollution and decreases biodiversity by
Coal reducing plant and animal habitat
- burning of coal by large-scale factories
to power industry has led to acid rain in
some regions
Oil, or petroleum, comes from the
liquified, fossilised remains of plants
- threats to waterways, plants and
wildlife due to oil spills and increased
and animals that lived hundreds of infrastructure in natural areas
millions of years ago; once oil sources - air pollution, smog and increased
are depleted, they cannot be greenhouse gas emissions
replaced. - many of the countries where oil can be
found are politically unstable ­ around
Oil 70% of the world's oil reserves are
believed to be located in the Middle East
The result of decomposing plants and
animals that were trapped beneath
- environmental impacts of extracting it
and installing pipelines include severe
rock millions of years ago. This gas is disruption of wildlife habitat and
drilled from the ground or extracted groundwater contamination
using dynamite and then processed - highly flammable substance and needs
Gas and piped through thousands of miles to be produced in highly managed
of pipelines for cooking, heating circumstances
homes and fueling vehicles.
Non- renewable sources: fossil fuels which are formed from the partly decayed remains of plants
and animals. They're finite which means they can only be used once.

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Renewable energy sources: energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished
such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat
Info Issues
Large banks of solar panels are
installed on a south facing roof
- No sunlight available at night
to provide electricity
which harness the sun's rays
and turn them into electricity.…read more

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Ocean energy stored in sea water--can also
be converted to electricity.…read more


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