Renewable and Non Renewable Energy


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1. Renewable energy is sources of energy that are natural
and continuous in the environment. All forms of renewable
energy can be traced back to the sun, or the movement of
the sun and the moon. We need renewable energy for a
couple of reasons.
It is a free resource. Once the equipment is in place, if it's
a solar panel or a wind turbine the only on going cost is
the maintenance. Unlike fossil fuels such as oil, that
requires exploration, surveying, extraction, transport, and
They will not run out, so from the point of view of energy
security, we will not have to rely on shipping energy or raw
materials for energy production from abroad.
A nonrenewable resource is a natural resource which
cannot be produced, regrown, regenerated, or reused on a
scale. These resources often exist in a fixed amount, or are
consumed much faster than nature can recreate them. Fossil
fuel and nuclear power are examples.
2. We are running out of energy because we are running out
of fossil fuels. The three fossil fuels, oil, natural gas and
coal, were formed millions of years ago when dead plants
and animals were trapped under deposits and became
buried underneath land. The world could still have oil
reserves that would fill 800 million barrels, with about half of
that in the Middle East. Coal is the fossil fuel with the
greatest reserves and coal reserves are spread all over
the Earth Fossil fuels will eventually run out and that is why
we are `running out of energy'.
James Berry IVJ

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The advantages and disadvantages of energy types are
The advantages are that some types of energy will produce
more energy than others. While others will last a short time
and some will be renewable. Many types of energy produce
little energy while others produce masses of it. Certain
types of energy have better efficiency than others as well.
The knowledge of energy types has led us to use
renewable energy sources.…read more

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James Berry IVJ…read more


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