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Religious Views on Euthanasia

There is no direct mention of euthanasia in the Bible. Although much of the teaching on the
sanctity of life is relevant to the debate
Genesis states that all humans are made in the image and likeness of God and
thereby human life is sacred.

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The Church does accept the Doctrine of Double Effect in which pain killing
medication may be administered to a terminal patient even if the side effects of this
medicine will shorten a patient's life expectancy. This is because although death will
come quicker as a result of the medication, it…

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The Methodist Church
Agrees with the other Christian denominations.
Importance of care for terminal patients, ability of patient to refuse extraordinary
treatment would simply prolong suffering.
"We must preserve meaningful life as far as is practicable."
"We believe that active contrary to Christian teaching."
Methodists recognise that it is…


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