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Good and Evil…read more

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· Evil ­ absence of good, something that causes pain or suffering
· Conscience ­ an inner voice giving guidance on our behavior & if it's right or wrong
· Free will ­ the belief that god created humans with the ability to make moral
· Moral evil ­ evil and suffering caused by people
· Natural evil ­ suffering caused by inevitable natural events
· Omnipotent ­ all powerful
· Omnibenevolent ­ all loving
· Omniscient ­ all knowing
· Original sin ­ the sin brought into the world from the fall everybody is born with.
· Redemption ­ sins can be forgiven and Jesus died for the sins of everyone
· Sacrifice ­ giving up life of god
· The devil ­ a supernatural evil power
· The fall ­ the disobedience of Adam and Eve, result in the expulsion of Eden
· Theodicies ­ arguments justifying why there is evil in the world and God…read more

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What is "good and evil?"
· Good is the indefinable but whatever God says
· Evil is the absence of good or anything that
caused pain or suffering. Moral evil/natural…read more

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· Some people believe there is evil in the world
because of the devil, the enemy of god. Tries
to make humanity turn away from god.
· Lucifer was an angel but jealous, a fight took
place and he was cast out of haven trying to
destroy goods.
· Better to rule in hell than be ruled in heaven…read more

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The fall
· Given to the story in genesis of the first man
and woman. Ate from the tree of knowledge
of good and evil, tempted by a serpent.
· Human beings fell from grace, ashamed of
their body and covered up with clothes.
· This was the original sin.…read more

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