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Philosophy 2 Revision
Religion and Science
Big bang theory
o 14 billion years ago, idea put forward by Catholic priest Georges LeMaitre
o Collision causes the formation of gases which then cool to form the planets
and stars
o No mention of origins of the universe within the bible so…

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irreducible complexity, where organisms are far too complex to be reduced
down in the evolutionary scale ­ as soon as one part/mutation is taken away
the organism would cease to function. This argument is used by intelligent
design proponents such as conservative creationists. An atheist would simply
say that science…

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Types of evil
o Natural evil ­ suffering caused by forces of nature, for example earthquakes.
Some natural evil can be indirectly caused by humans e.g. global warming
causes floods ­ humans burning fossil fuels
o Moral evil ­ suffering caused by humans using their conscience, e.g. murder,
theft etc.…

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o Christians will accept that it is part of God's plan and will therefore try to keep
faith in God and know that it will end up well with them entering heaven if
they continue to believe.
o Another way they cope is to realise that suffering is part of…


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