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GCSE Christian RE Exam Questions and Model Answers
a) What is an addiction (2)
A recurring compulsion to engage in an activity despite its negative effects, which is extremely
difficult to stop doing
b) Do you think religious people should support capital punishment? (4)
Personally, I think all religious people should not agree with capital punishment at all. And although
The First Testament contained quotes such as "An Eye for an Eye", Christ came to earth and
showed us that it is best to love your enemies and forgive - "To him who strikes you on the cheek,
offer also the other". On the other hand, this may not be applicable to today's society, as letting
criminals get away with their actions will not provide them with an incentive to stop, and
deterrence is an effective way of making this happen.
c) Explain the attitudes to alcohol consumption in one other religion other than Christianity (8)
Muslims have a very straightforward and no-nonsense approach to alcohol ­ it is not to be drunk
at all. And this is for numerous reasons; Firstly, Islam bans any type of suicide, and as Alcohol
harms your body, it is a form of suicide and so is strictly banned. In addition, the Prophet
Muhammed said that every intoxicant is forbidden to Muslims (khamr), as they are a means by
which Satan tries to keep people from God and from saying their prayers: "O you who believe!
Alcohol, gambling, (sacrificing for) idols, and divining of arrows are only an abomination of Satan's
work..." Muhammed also directly stated (several times) that Muslims must never drink alcohol
but must also have nothing to do with the sale of alcohol, as he had seen how men used to get
drunk and beat their wives once intoxicated, which is not only strongly against Muslim teachings,
but also illegal. Some Muslims go as far as "Allah did not prohibit anything as strictly as alcohol."
The fact that alcohol is likely to cause harm to others for no just reason also makes it prohibited
from Muslim life ­ as violence is strictly banned in Islam ­ unless it is for Jihad.
d) "Non-religious people don't care as much about justice as religious people do"
1. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer. (3)
2. Give reasons why some people may disagree with you. (3)
I think both religious and non-religious people care about justice equally, but for slightly different
reasons. Religious people, such as Christians, care about justice as The Bible says that God is just
and will reward others who a re just, and punish those who sin, so supporting justice is something
all Christians do. Also, the Bible says that all people should be treated fairly, and proper justice
helps make this happen. Furthermore, Christians worldwide campaign for the fair treatment of
poor and disadvantaged people around the globe ­ and this proves how much they care about
On the other hand, people may say that non-religious people don't care at all for justice, as it
mainly non-religious people who murder and rape etc. Also, non-religious people have no defined
goal which will make them live life in a just and polite way, and so they may not care if they act
wrongly in life (Religious people usually have to live life in a positive way to go to heaven/go to a
further stage in their next life).


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